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“Run the Race”                                  Principal Casting                       Run the Race Productions, LLC

“Autumn”                                           Principal Casting                       Autumn Productions

“The Road Less Traveled”             Extras                                            Sweet Road, LLC

“I Can Only Imagine”                     Principal Casting                       Beverly Holloway

“Sweet, Sweet Summertime”       Principal Casting                       Triple House Studios

“Love is Alive”                                  Principals & Extras                 Bella Veritas Productions

“The Upside of Down”                    Principals & Extras                 Bella Veritas Productions

“The Song”                                       Principals & Extras                 City On The Hill Prod.

“Welcome to Inspiration”             Principals                                  For Our Father Films, LLC

Into the Wild                                   Principal                                   John Kelly

The Green Mile                               Casting Support                      Castle Rock Pictures, Inc.

Civil Brand                                        Principals & Extras                Brand Productions

Pirates Of The Plain                        Principal                                  Pirates Production, LLC

Blackbirds and Blazers                   Principals & Extras               Wa Ya Productions

Bedlam                                              Principals & Extras               Ghostwaters Productions

The Expert                                        Facilities/Casting Assist.     Arch Stanton Productions

Calling All Kids                                 Principals & Extras              Vision Tree Films

Daydreams Are Forever                  Specialty Casting                 Vanaheim Studios

On The Way Home                          Principals & Extras             Cloudland Filmworks

Piece by Piece                                   Principals                              Michael Ashcraft Productions

Forgotten Memories                       Principals                              Tim Ormond Productions

Derailers (Short)                             Principals & Extras              Honest Images

PBS Outdoor Host                                      Host                                       PopFizz

GAC’s “Top 20 Party Picks”                       Real People Casting            3Ball Productions w/Host Craig Morgan

ABC’s Extreme Makeover:                        Real People Casting            3Ball Produtions Weight Loss Edition

NFL Monday Night Football                     Principals & Extras              NFL Films Opening w/ Tim McGraw

ABC Good Morning America                   Audience Coordinating       ABC

American Movie Classics –                        Principals & Extras              Coffee Club Pictures “Date Night”

T.V. Discovery Health Network                Principal                                 Mike Mathis Prod. “Amazing Babies”

The Biography Channel “BioLive”            Real People                           Robert Small Entertainment w/Lee Ann Womack

Great American Country                          Network Host Search          Great American Country Tele.

Extreme Sports Competition                 TV Pilot Contestants            High Five Entertainment

CMT’s “Larry the Cable Guy’s               Audience Coord.                   Taillight TV “Hula-Palooza Christmas Luau” TV Show

CMT “Road Pranks”  (3X)                     Principals                                Country Music Television

CMT “Karaoke Dokey” TV Pilot           Singers                                     Country Music Television Contest Show (Dolly Parton)

Family Secrets TV Pilot                              Families/Contestants            Quay Street

CMT “20 Sexiest Southern Women        Principals/ Extras                  Cloudland Prod.

CMT “20 Sexiest Southern Men              Principals/ Extras                 Cloudland Prod.

2007 CMT Music Awards Red Carpet    Real People                            Country Music Television

2006 CMT Music Awards Pre-Party      Real People                             Country Music Television

CMT Spring Break 2004                          Real People                             Country Music Television

w/ Keith Urban

Who Wouldn’t Wanna Be Here

CMT “The Lawn Angels”                      Principals & Extras                 Planet Grande Pic.

CMA Music Awards Pre Party Show Audience & Talent Coordinating   Country Music Television

CMT Flame Worthy VMA                     Real People / Interview           Country Music Television

Pre Party Show

CMT  “Mabe In America” TV Pilot Audience & Talent Coordinating         Country Music Television

CMT “Super Bowl Saturday Night Special   Talent Coordinating    Country Music Television

CMT “Spring Break Special –            Real People                             Taillight TV

Dream Vacation – TV Pilot

PBS                                                     Audience & Talent Coordinating High Five Entertainment

“Change Your Brain, Change Your Life”

Ultimate Home II Pool Party Extras                                                  Country Music Television

Best of CMT Most Wanted Live       Extras                                      Country Music Television

CMT Summer Games                         Principals                                Country Music Television

Gospel Music Channel                       Hosts                                      Gospel Music Channel

Faith Café (4X)                                   Real People                             LifeSprings Resources

“The Logan Show” TV Pilot             Reoccurring Characters,          NorthStar Studio

CMT “BackStage At The Opry         VJ Casting                               Country Music Television

CMT “Most Wanted Live” TV Series VJ Casting                             Country Music Television

CMT “Most Wanted Live” (Ran 3 yrs.) Staff – Audience Coord.    Country Music Television

– TV Series

CMT “Most Wanted Live” Tour       Staff – Audience Coord.         Country Music Television

CMT Host Search 2006                     Casting                                   Country Music Television

CMT Host Search 2006 Callbacks     Casting                                   Country Music Television

CMT New Programming Host Search Casting                                   Country Music Television

CMT “Ultimate Country Home”       Host Casting                           Country Music Television

CMT “Video Voyeur Hour”- Pilot    VJ Casting                               Country Music Television

Faith Café TV Series   (2 yrs.)                        Staff – Audience Coord.         LifeSprings Resources

Disney Channel “It’s A Trip”                        Real People Casting                Brad Lachman Production

 Television Pilot

“It’s A Miracle”, PAX (X6)              Principals & Extras                 Tri Crown Productions

PAX Channel “The Sullivan Sisters” Principals, Day Players, &     Franklin Films

 Television Pilot                                  Extras

CMA Awards Show – Opening         Principals                                Al Hagaman, Business Mgr.

 for (Mini) Dixie Chicks

Shop At Home Network-Hosts         Principals                                Shop At Home, Inc.

Generation 01                                     Principal Hosts                                   Stephen Yake Prod.

 (Gaylord Entertainment)

Klutz Around the House                    Principals & Extras                 Home/Garden Network

Walt Disney Talent Search                 Facilities/Cast Assist.             Buena Vista Prod.

“Hit Trip”- CMT Host Search                       Principal Host                         Country Music Television

Talk of the Town                                Models/Lillie Rubin                Channel 5, WTVF

The Amazing 20th Century                 Principals                                Ashhi TV – Japan

Sawyer Brown Christmas Special      Principals & Extras                 McCommera Filmworks, Inc.

CMT ’99 Countdown (X2)                Principals & Extras                 Picture Vision

“Methodist Healthcare Minute”        Principal                                  Lewis Advertising

CMT 20 Merriest Christmas Videos Principals                                Country Music Television

CMT “The Singing Bee”                    E-mail blast to search for        Gurin Co.


CMT “Artists of the Year 2014” – Awards Show         Audience Coordinating        Country Music Television

CMT Hot 20 Country College Town        Audience Coordinating        Country Music Television

CMT Hot 20 Countdown / Eckrich Backyard Barbeque        Audience Coordinating        Country Music Television

GAC “ACM New Artist of the Year”        Audience Coordinating        Great American Country

CMT Crossroads: Dierks Bentley and One Republic        Audience Coordinating        Country Music Television

CMT Crossroads: Fall Out Boy & The Band Perry        Audience Coordinating        Country Music Television

ACM New Artist of the Year Concert      Audience Coordinating     Great American Country

TV Show:

WHOA Women                                           Audience Coordinating        NorthStar Studios

with Laine Lawson Craft

Darius Rucker: True Believers                Audience Coordinating       Great American Country

Weekly TV Show:

“CMT Hot 20 Countdown ”                    Audience Coordinating       Country Music Television

Mountain Dew & CMT Presents            Audience Coordinating      Country Music Television

Concrete Country Event

2012 CMT Music Awards                      Audience Coordinating        Country Music Television

Plaza Performances

2012 CMT Red Carpet Pre-Show        Audience Coordinating         Country Music Television

“ACM New Artist of the Year Concert” Audience Coordinating      Great American Country

“Whoa with Laine Lawson Craft”       Audience Coordinating          NorthStar Studios

CMT “Crossroads”                                 Audience Coordinating          Country Music Television

with Joe Walsh & Friends

“We Own the Years Ahead” with        Audience Coordinating         TH Entertainment, LLC

Nicholas Boothman

“The Happiest Baby on the Block”    Audience Coordinating         The Happiest Baby Team

With Dr. Karp

CMT “Crossroads”                               Audience Coordinating           Country Music Television

with Mumford & Sons

and Emmylou Harris

CMT “Crossroads”                              Audience Coordinating            Country Music Television

with The Avett Brothers

and Randy Travis

Christmas with                                     Audience Coordinating              Great American Country

Scotty McCreery and Friends

ABC’ Extreme Makeover:                       Real People Casting                3Ball Produtions

Weight Loss Edition

CMT’s Next Superstar – 10 shows      Real People Casting                Deep Fried Entertainment

vh1 Storytellers: Kings of Leon           Audience Coord.                     Blling Productons

A Celtic Christmas                                  Audience Coord.                     Insync Lifestyles

Family Secrets TV Pilot                         Audience Coord.                     Quay Street

Vh1 Storytellers: Kid Rock Concert    Audience Coord                      Bling Productions

The Biography Channel “BioLive”     Audience/Talent Coord.       Robert Small Entertainment

w/ Lee Ann Womack

The Biography Channel “BioLive”     Audience/Talent Coord.        Robert Small Entertainment

w/ Amy Grant

“Pop Stars” – Girls Forever                     Audience Coord.                     Tresor Entertainment US, LLC

(German TV)

Muzik Mafia Presents                              Audience Coord.                     Shawn Pennington Mgr.

Jon Nicholson w/ special guest Gretchen Wilson

Great American Country –                        Audience Coord.                     Great American Country

ACM Top New Artists

CMT Crossroads, The Steve Miller          Audience Coord.                     Taillight TV

Band and Kenny Chesney

CMT “Giants”                                                Audience Coord.                     Taillight TV

A Musical Tribute to Alan Jackson

2007 CMT Music Awards Red Carpet    Audience Coord.                    Country Music Television

2008 CMT Music Awards Red Carpet    Audience Coord.                   Country Music Television

2011 CMT Music Awards Red Carpet      Audience Coord.                   Country Music Television

2006 CMT Music Awards Pre-Party       Audience Coord.                    Country Music Television

CMT “Karaoke Dokey”                               Audience/Talent Coord.       Country Music Television

Contest Show (Dolly Parton)

Faith Café (3X)                                            Audience/Talent Coord.          LifeSprings Resources

PBS                                                                  Audience Coord.                       High Five Entertainment

“Change Your Brain, Change Your Life”

CMT Games Karaoke “Be A Star”             Audience                                   Country Music Television

CMT Concert Series                                      Audience Coord.                     Country Music Television

w/ Martina McBride

GAC Nights with Ray Scott                        Audience Coord.                     Great American Country

GAC Love Songs Valentine Special         Audience Coord.                        Great American Country

With Joe Nichols

GAC Special with Trace Adkins                Audience Coord.                     Taillight TV

  At the Mill in Lebanon

GAC Nights Christmas Special                 Audience Coord.                     Great American Country

  with Tracy Lawrence

GAC Nights Christmas Special                Audience Coord.                     Great American Country

  with Lonestar

GAC Top 50 Videos of the Year               Audience Coord.                     Great American Country


CMT Invitation Only w/                           Audience Coord.                     High Five Entertainment

  Blake Shelton

CMT Invitation Only w/                          Audience Coord.                     High Five Entertainment

  Kenny Chesney

CMT Invitation Only w/                          Audience Coord.                     High Five Entertainment

  Rascal Flatts

CMT Invitation Only w/                         Audience Coord.                     High Five Entertainment

  Toby Keith

CMT Invitation Only w/                        Audience Coord.                     High Five Entertainment

  Miranda Lambert

CMT Invitation Only w/                       Audience Coord.                     High Five Entertainment

  Reba McEntiire

CMT Invitation Only w/                       Audience Coord.                     High Five Entertainment

  Darius Rucker

CMT Invitation Only w/                       Audience Coord.                     High Five Entertainment

  Brad Paisley

CMT Invitation Only w/                      Audience Coord.                     High Five Entertainment

  Brooks & Dunn

CMT Invitation Only w/                     Audience Coord.                     High Five Entertainment

  Carrie Underwood

CMT Invitation Only w/                    Audience Coord.                     High Five Entertainment

  Tim McGraw

CMT Invitation Only w/                    Audience Coord.                     High Five Entertainment

  Jason Aldean

CMT Invitation Only w/                    Audience Coord.                     High Five Entertainment

  Martina McBride

CMT Invitation Only w/                    Audience Coord.                     High Five Entertainment

  Trace Adkins

CMT Special with Keith Urban         Audience Coord.                     High Five Entertainment

CMT “Invitation Only” with Alan Jackson  Audience Coord.         High Five Entertainment

CMT  “Mabe In America”                          Audience & Talent Coord.      Country Music Television

CMT Spring Break 2004                            Audience Coordinating           Country Music Television

w/ Keith Urban

CMT 100 Greatest Duets                  Wrangle/Audience Coordinating     Country Music Television

CMT Kenny Chesney:                                   Audience Coordinating           Country Music Television

“Be As You Are” Concert

CMT Concert Series                                      Audience Coordinating           Country Music Television

Lee Ann Womack “There’s More Where That Came From”

Lyve with Lynyrd Skynyrd and Friends”

CMT “Crossroads”                                         Audience Coordinating           Country Music Television

w/ Lionel Richie and Kenny Rogers

CMT “Crossroads”                                         Audience Coordinating           Country Music Television

w/ John Mayer and Brad Paisley

CMT “Crossroads”                                          Audience Coord.                     Country Music Television

w/ The Doobie Brothers and Luke Bryan

CMT Christmas Time is Here:                     Real People                             Taillight Films

  A Skaggs Family Celebration

CMT Concert Series                                         Real People                             Country Music Television

Lee Ann Womack “There’s More Where That Came From”

CMT’s “Larry the Cable Guy’s Star               Audience Coord.                     Taillight TV

  Studded Christmas Extravaganza” TV Show

CMT’s “Larry the Cable Guy’s                       Audience Coord.                     Taillight TV

  Hula-Palooza Christmas Luau” TV Show

CMT “Crossroads”                                           Audience Coord.                     Country Music Television

w/ Heart and Wynonna

CMT “Crossroads”                                           Audience Coord.                     Country Music Television

w/ Montgomery Gentry & Lynyrd Skynyrd

CMT “Crossroads”                                           Audience Coord.                     Country Music Television

w/ Ronnie Milsap and Los Lonely Boys

CMT “Crossroads”                                             Audience Coord.                     Taillight, Inc.

w/ Bonnie Raitt and Lyle Lovett

CMA Music Awards Pre Party Show             Audience Coord.                     Country Music Television

CMT Flame Worthy VMA                                Audience Coord.                     Country Music Television

Pre Party Show

CMT 100 Greatest Love Songs                        Audience Coord.                     Country Music Television

“The Logan Show” TV Pilot                             Audience Coord.                     NorthStar Studio

CMT “Most Wanted Live” (Ran 3 yrs.) Staff – Audience Coord.               Country Music Television

CMT “Most Wanted Live” Tour       Staff –    Audience Coord.                    Country Music Television

Wal-Mart Concert with Faith Hill                 Audience Coord.                     Picture Vision

CMT “On The Verge”                                         Audience Coord.                     Picture Vision

  Brad Paisley/Jessica Andrews

CMT Live Concert – Faith Hill                       Audience Coord.                     Picture Vision

 & Guest

CMT Live Concert – “SheDaisy”                     Audience Coord.                     Picture Vision

CMT Live Concert – Travis Tritt                     Audience Coord.                     Picture Vision

 & Guest

CMT Live Concert – “Girls Night                   Audience Coord.                     Picture Vision

 Out” Lori Morgan, Mindy

 McCready, Sara Evans, &

 Martina McBride

CMT Live Concert – Steve Wariner                 Audience Coord.                     Picture Vision

 & Friends

CMT Live Concert – Joe Diffie &                    Audience Coord.                     Picture Vision


CMT Live Concert –                                           Audience Coord.                     Picture Vision

  Jo Dee Messina w/ Phil Vasser

CMT Live Concert –                                           Audience Coord.                     Picture Vision

  Kenny Chesney w/ Sara Evans

CMT Live Concert – Toby Keith                      Audience Coord.                     Picture Vision

  w/ Cledus T. Judd                                             Audience Coord.

CMT Cross Country –                                         Audience Coord.              Taillight TV

  w/ Randy Travis & Josh Turner

CMT Top 20 Countdown                                   Audience                                Country Music Television

“Love, Marriage and Stinking Thinking”    Audience Coord.   Laugh Your Way America

  By Mark Gungor

CMT Crossroads –                                              Audience Coord.                    Country Music Television

  w/ Kelly Clarkson and Reba McEntire

CMT Comedy Stage (2X)                                  Audience Coord.                     Taillight TV

  With Host Melissa Peterman

CMT Cross Country –                                       Audience Coord.                          Taillight TV

  w/ Jack Ingram and Miranda Lambert

CMT Crossroads –                                            Audience Coord.                    Country Music Television

  w/ Kenny “Babyface” Edmonds and Trisha Yearwood

CMT Crossroads –                                            Audience Coord.                    Country Music Television

  w/ Joss Stone and LeAnn Rimes

CMT Crossroads –                                            Audience Coord.                    Country Music Television

  w/ Robert Plant & Alison Krauss

CMT Crossroads –                                            Audience Coord.                    Country Music Television

  w/ Maroon 5 and Sara Evans

CMT Crossroads –                                            Audience Coord.                    Country Music Television

  w/ 38 Special and Trace Adkins

CMT Crossroads –                                           Audience Coord.                    Country Music Television

  w/ Def Leppard and Taylor Swift

2008 Gospel Dream Finals                            Audience Coord.                    Gospel Music Channel

  w/ Host Matthew West

2009 Gospel Dream Finals                            Audience Coord.                    Gospel Music Channel

  w/ Host Mike Kasem

Hometown Heroes w/ Laura Bryna              Audience                                Taracine Productions, Inc.

  (Concert Footage)

The Next GAC Star Finals @ City Hall         Audience Coord.         Taillight, Inc.

CMT Crossroads –                                             Audience Coord.                    Country Music Television

  w/ Shooter Jennings and Jamey Johnson

GAC ACM Top New Artists                            Audience Coord.                    Great American Country

CMT Crossroads –                                            Audience Coord.                    Country Music Television

  w/ Train & Martina McBride

GAC “ACM Showcase 2011”                           Audience Coord.                    Great American Country

“The Board” TV Pilot                                      Principals & Extras                Pagliacci Prod.

Caving Project/Discovery Channel              Principals                                Pyburn Films

TruTV – Micro Championship                        Principals


Nashville Reality Show                                    Principals                                Luckey 1 Prod.

Endurance 4 –                                                     Principals                                3 Ball Productions

“Temptation Island 3”                                       Real People Casting                Fox Network

“America’s Most Talented Kids &                  Real People Casting                NBC/Discovery Kids Network

America’s Most Talented Seniors”

CMT Spring Break Special –                           Real People                             Taillight TV

” Dream Vacation”

Pop Girl’s Christian Group                               Singers                                     Kindred Group

Speed Channel’s                                                 Real People Casting                High Five Entertainment

“I Wanna Date a Race Car Driver”

CMT “Muscle Car Makeover”                         Extras & Location                   GRB Entertainment

–       TV Pilot

MTV Xtremely Old – TV Pilot         Principals                                Idiot Box Productions

CMT “The Shot” – TV Pilot             Principals                                Live Animals Prod.

CMT “The Visitors” – TV Pilot        Principals                                Painless Prod.

CMT “MWL Wedding Contest”       Real People Casting                Country Music Television

CMT “Fan Dunk Game Show” – Pilot     Real People Casting                Country Music Television

CMT “Ultimate Fan Showdown” – Pilot              Real People Casting                Country Music Television

CMT “Music Video Dating” – Pilot         Real People Casting                Country Music Television

“Waters Edge”-Reality                       Real People                             Final Stretch Productions

2X’s  Toyota          Principals & Extras          Strader Films

Law Office Commercials          Principal          Market Masters-Legal

DuraColor Carpets          Principals & Extras          Fancy Rhino

Sony Electronics with Taylor Swift   Featured Extras & Extras         H.S.I. Productions

KEDS / Taylor Swift Campaign          Principals                                    TOTH

3X’s AT&T Videos/Commercials        Principals & Extras                   Studio Now/AOL

Walmart                                                   Principal                                     Hamilton Casting

GEICO Insurance                                   Principals                                  O Positive

Walmart Steakover                                Principals                                  The VIA Company

Acceptance Insurance                           Principals & Extras                 JMP Companies

Verizon                                                     Principals  & Extras                Studio Now

Verizon                                                     Principals & Extras                 Revolution Pictures

Safelite Auto Glass                                 Principal & Featured Extra   Platinum Productions

Gold Strike Casino                                 Principals                                  Platinum Productions

2X’s Food City                                        Principals & Extras                  Beef and Pie Prod.

NFL                                                           Principals & Extras                  ShootersNYC

HDIS “The Secret”                                 Principals & Extras                  Arsenal Films

2 X’s St Francis Medical Center          Principals & Extras                  ProVideo

Central Baptist Hospital (KY)             Principals                                   Oglesby Digital Magic in Motion

Dunkin Coffee “Roof”  (National)     Principals                                   Partizan

Liberty Mutual Insurance                   Principals  & Extras                MJZ

(International & National)

Budweiser (International)                   Principals                                Shoot USA

Oreo Cookie    (National)                    Principals & Extras                 DraftFCB

Eckrich                                                            Principals & Extras                 Schafer Condon Carter

Revlon (National)                                Principals                                Holy Cow Spots

Verizon/ Internet                                 Principals & Extras                 Revolution Pictures

Walmart 2X                                        Extras                                      The Homestead Films

Farm Bureau 2X                                 Principals & Extras                 Beef and Pie Productions

Carl’s Jr./Hardy’s (National)              Principals                                Argyle Brothers

Spalding (National)                             Stand-ins                                 Redtree Productions

Levi’s (International)                          Principal                                  Strickman-Ripps

UPS / NASCAR (National)                Principals & Extras                 MJZ Productions

Firestone                                             Principals & Extras                 Purple Onion

Bridgestone/Firestone                         Talent Coordinated                 Laughlin Constable

Pringles                                               Principals                                Backyard Prod.

Alabama Tourism                               Principal                                  POGO Pictures

Servpro                                               Principals & Extras                 VRA

Food City                                           Principal & Extras                   Beef and Pie Productions

MGM Mirage Casinos                       Principals & Extras                 MGM Mirage Digital Design

Mayfield Dairy- Milk & Ice Cream   Principals & Extras                 Stray Dog

McDonald’s Restaurant                     Principals & Extras                 Stray Dog

Choice Hotels                                     Principals & Extras                 Park Pictures –

Arnold World Wide                                        Principals                                Bright Production

Toyota (28X) (National & Region.)   Principals & Extras                 Strader Productions

“GAC Minutes” sponsored by Playtex  Principal                                   Sweetwater Films

Chicken Restaurant                             Principals                                Gabrielle Schary Casting

                                                             Asst. In casting

Toyota            – remote                                   Principals                                Gabrielle Schary Casting

Toyota – Regional & National 20+     Principals & Extras                 CCAA/Strader Films

Neulasta                                              Real People                             Believe Media

State Farm Ins. “Women’s Athletics” (3x) Principals                        State Farm Insurance

CVS Marketing                                   Principals / Interviews            Strickman-Ripps

Acceptance Insurance                         Principals & Extras                 Stage Post Productions

Marshall Fields                                   Principals                                DNA

Churchhill Downs                               Principal                                  Piranha Pictures

St. Thomas Hospital                           Principals                                Subliminal Pictures

Big K-Mart – National                       Principals & Extras                 C & C Films

Subway Sandwich Shops                    Real People Casting                Strickman-Ripps, Inc.

Dexatrim                                             Principals & Extras                 Piranha Pictures

Right Choice Auto Ins.                       Principals                                Stage Post Prod.

Tempstar, Heil, Confortmaker           Principals & Extras                 Oasis Films

Mercy Health Partners                       Principals & Extras                 Beef and Pie Productions

Rhodes Furniture                                Principals/Vocalist                  Ruckus Films

State Farm Insurance                          Principal                                  In-House State Farm

  Pat Summit

State Farm Insurance  X4                   Principals & Extras                 In-House State Farm

AmMed Direct TV                             Principals & Extras                 Victor Results Advertising, Inc.

GAC                                                   Principals                                Great American Country

Purity                                                  Principals & Extras                 Revolution Pictures

Vanderbilt Medical Center 2002         Principals/ Extras/Employee   MJZ Productions, LA

Vanderbilt Medical Center 2006         Principals/ Extras/Employee   Millennium Pictures

Vanderbilt Univ. Medical Ctr.            Principals & Extras                 Dyna-Moe Pictures, Inc.

Vanderbilt Women’s Heart Institute  Principal                                  Dill Productions

Vanderbilt / Ingram Cancer                 Principals                                Green Dot Productions


Ryan’s Family Steakhouse                 Principals & Extras                 Thirty’s Film & Tape

Miracle Gro                                        Real People Casting                Strickland & Ripps

Purity Milk                                         Principals                                Revolution Pictures

Tennessee State Lottery – 2X            Principals                                The Collective, Inc.

Tennessee State Lottery                     Principal                                  Quantum Pictures

Powerball Lottery – 2X                      Principals & Extas                  Revolution Pictures

Camp CMT                                        Principals                                Country Music Television

Grand Furniture                                  Principals & Extras                 Revolution Pictures

Hospice                                               Principals & Extras                 Rob Lindsay Prod.

State Farm “Skating for Life” Principals & Extras                 State Farm

Legal Matter                                       Principal & Extras                   Prototype Media, Inc.

Cypress Mayfair Hospital                 Principal                                  Vision Tree

Weight Loss Surgery

St. Mary’s Hospital                           Principals                                Higher Definition

H.G. Hills Food Store 3X                  Principals & Extras                 Thirty’s Film Prod.

Lenscrafter’s                                       Principals & Extras                 Strickman-Ripps, Inc.

Opryland Hotel                                  Principals & Extras                 DuBois Productions

Parisian                                               Principals & Extras                 Piranha Pictures

Shoney’s Inn                                       Principals                                Quantum Pictures

Service Merchandise X2                     Principals & Extras                 SLP & Company

Garth Brooks New,                            Principals                                Picture Vision

 Holiday Release

RPS                                                     Casting Assistance                  Colelli Productions &

                                                                                                            Over Easy Films

Prime Chicago Cable                           Principals                                Frank, Best, & Ingram

Mayfield Ice Cream                            Extras                                      The McDonald Farm

Grand Casino – Tunica                       Principals & Extras                 DuBois Production

Caesar’s Casino                                  Principals & Extras                 DuBois Production

Subway                                               Real People Interview             Strickman-Ripps, Inc.

Purity Dairy                                       Principals                                Eric Ericson Advertising

Hit After Hit (United Way PSA)       Principal                                  Piranha Pictures

Chevy Trucks 2X                               Principals & Extras                 B*A Advertising

Saturn                                                  Principals & Extras                 Propaganda Films

Amarillo Nation Bank             Principals & Extras                 Kimosabe Productions

TVA                                                    Principals & Extras                 Fitzgarald & Co. Production

Alabama Tourism                               Principals & Extras                 Pogo Pictures

Columbia-HCA                                               Casting Assistance                  Commotion Production

Tennessee Lottery – Holiday Spot    Principals                                Tantrum Pictures

Blue Cross/Blue Shield                       Local Principal Talent             McGaffin Productions, NY

Nashville Sounds                                Principal                                  Lewis Advertising

The Tennessean                                  Principals                                Lewis Advertising

J. C. Potters Sausage                           Extras                                      Piranha Pictures

Tennessee Tourism (2X)                    Principals & Extras                 Flashframe Films

First Tennessee Bank (2X)                 Principal & Stand-in               Picture Park Productions

Max Federal Credit Union                  Principals                                Lewis Advertising

Cal Spa’s                                             Principal Casting                     Intermedia Cablevision

Rivendale Psychiatric Hospital          Principals & Extras                 Reeves & Kidd Media

Franklin National Bank                       Principals & Extras                 Indermedia Cablevision

Kenny Rodgers Greatest Hits                        Principal Casting                     Caudel Productions

Poggenpohl Kitchens                          Principals & Extras                 ViacomCable (In House)

Old Time Pottery                               Principals & Extras                 ElectraVision Production

Dr. Scholes                                          Real People Interviews           Strickman-Ripps, Inc.

Century Clinics                                   Principals & Extras                 ElectraVision Production

Norton Hospital                                 Principals & Extras                 Piranha Pictures

Ford / National                                    Principals & Extras                 Florida Film & Tape

Piggly Wiggly Food Stores                 Principals & Extras                 McCrary Productions

Teen Pregnancy – PSA                       Principals & Extras                 River Run Production

Laser Brite                                          Principals & Extras                 River Run Moving Pictures

Honda Lawnmowers                           Principals & Extras                 Thirty’s Film Production

Honda Generators                               Principals & Extras                 Thirty’s Film Production

Charter Digital Cable                          Principals                                Thirty’s Film & Tape

Intermedia / Regional (3X)                  Principals                                Thirty’s Film Production

Kentucky State Fair                            Principals & Extras                 Piranha Pictures

Flagstar Mortgage                               Principals & Extras                 Stagepost Productions

Mama Taoris Pizza                            Principals & Extras                 Tigert Communication

Tex Mex Foods                                   Principal                                  Power Creative

Washington County Hospital             Principals                                Thirty’s Film Productions

Columbia Medical                               Principals & Extras                 Piranha Pictures

General Electric Smartwater               Principal                                  River Run Moving Production

MCI                                                    Principals & Extras                 Picture Vision Production

St. Mary’s Hospital                           Principals                                Road Pictures

Clark Memorial Hospital                    Principal                                  River Run Moving Production

Time-Life – The Classic Country       Principals                                A.B.C.E. Inc.

 Collection Infomercial

Time-Life – Country Gold                 Principals                                Weiser Productions


Floyd Memorial Hospital                   Principals                                Darcy/Fox Productions

Big Time Toys            (2X)                           Principals & Extras                 Cloudland Productions

Belmont College                                  Principals                                McDonald Farms Production

Deaconess Hospital                            Principals & Extras                 Piranha Pictures

Tennessee Hospital Association        Principal                                  The McDonald Farm

David Lipscomb University               Principals & Extras                 Steve Diggs & Friends

1800insurance                                     Spokesperson                         Thirty’s Film Productions

Generic Mall Spots (3X)                    Principals                                Thirty’s Film & Tape, Inc.

Nashville Symphony                          Extras                                      Piranha Pictures

“Get A Life First” – PSA                   Principals                                River Run Productions

Covenant Health                                 Principals                                Rowland Productions, Inc.

University of Alabama                       Principals                                Southeast Film & Post Group

Commercial Appeal Classified Ads    Principal & Extras                   Penczner Production, Inc.

            in Memphis, TN.

Rivoli Bank                                         Principals & Extras                 Steve Diggs & Friends

UAB Health System                           Principals                                Collimation, Inc.

Theatre Opening                                 Consulting                               Atmosphere Pictures

Volunteers of America                        Principals & Extras                 Cloudland Filmworks

St. Joseph Hospital                            Principals & Extras                 Cloudland Filmworks

Erlanger Hospital (X2)                       Selected All Talent                  Naked Productions                                       Principals                                Washington Square Films

Central Banking of Louisville, KY.     Principals                                Darcy / Fox Productions

Purity Milk – Test                             Principals & Extras                 Lewis Advertising

Purity ½ Milk                                     Principal                                  Dektor Films

Lourdes Hospital (X6)                                   Principals                                Dill Production

Columbia Gas of Kentucky                Principals                                Darcy Fox Productions

Jones Internationl On-line                  Principals                                Earthrock Entertainment


Acceptance Insurance                         Principals & Extras                 Stage Post Productions

AmMed Direct TV (2X)                    Spokesperson & Extras          Victor Results Advertising, Inc.

Evo Central Air System                      Principal & Extras                   Vintage Flick

Steamatic                                             Spokesperson & Extras          Stage Post Productions

Washington County Hospital             Principal & Extras                   Thirty’s Film Productions

Time/Life’s Ultimate Gospel Project                       Real People                             Stephen N. Angus

Ralph Emery Presents: Country Roads                  Real People                              Two-D Productions

Vasanti Cosmetic                                                         Principals/Speaking             NorthStar Studios

Branded J Cosmetic                                                     Principals/Speaking             NorthStar Studios

Perfect Steak System – In-home Grill                     Real People                              Kingstar Direct Response

“Love, Marriage and Stinking Thinking”              Real People                              Laugh Your Way America

By Mark Gungor

PBS Taping; “Magnificent Mind at Any Age”      Real People                               High Five Entertainment

w/ Dr. Daniel Amen (2X)

YouScience Videos        Principals        Studio Now

The Brand “Organic” Web Video        Spokesperson        Fancy Rhino

Exxon        Principal        BBDO

Verizon Video        Principals & Extras        Studio Now

Perennial Wood                                      Principal                                      ProVideo

State Farm Insurance Co. Videos       Principals & Featured Extras   State Farm Mutual Automobile Ins.

Bridgestone/Firestone Tires                 Principal                                      Tangiable Vision

True-Green ChemLawn (2X)                 Principal                                  Comprehensive Media

TVA                                                            Principals & Extras                 Atmosphere Pictures

State Farm Insurance                             Principals & Extras                 State Farm

Opryland Hotel                                        Principals                                DuBois Productions

Violence In Health Care                      Principals & Extras                 Envision, Inc.

Executive Learning – Brentwood        Principals & Extras                 Envision, Inc.

Comdata                                              Principals & Extras                 Darin Thomas Production

Gideon Interactive Camp Meeting(X2) Principals                             Comprehensive Media

Vanderbilt University                         Principals & Extras                 Alternative Vision

Ruby Tuesday Restaurants                Principals & Extras                 Strader Productions

Northern Telecom                               Principals & Extras                 Productions (In House)

Ford Credit                                         Principals & Extras                 AVA Productions

Transition Learning Center                 Principal                                  Daren Thomas Production

Shooting Stars                                       Principals & Extras                        Fox Productions

Centennial Medical Center                 Principals & Extras                 Envision/Alternative

Vanderbilt Pediatrics / I.V.                  Principals & Extras                 Envision, Inc.

Terminix, Visions For The Future      Principals & Extras                 Comprehensive Media

Sears (In House)                                 Principals                                American Media

Pigeon Forge 2005 Videos                  Principals & Extras                 AV Squad

Gideon                                                            Extras                                      Comprehensive Media

Gideon                                                            Principals & Extras                 Comprehensive Media

Video for Television and Multimedia Principals & Extras                 Metro. Gov. Of Nashville &

Gideon                                                            Host                                        NorthStar Studios

Services of Metro Government                                                          Davidson County

Learning Gate                                      Principals                                Higher Definition

Gideons (x3)                                       Selected Talent                        Comprehensive Media

Gideon                                                            Selected Talent                        NorthStar Studios

Mobile Home Manufacturers             Principals & Extras                 High Five Production


Service Master Health Care                Principal                                  Comprehensive Media

Site Service Restroom Cleaning          Principals                                Comprehensive Media

Baptist Sunday School Board             Selected Talent                        Stephen Yake Productions

 Video – “Cross Seekers”

GTE – Test Spot                                Principals                                Penczer Production, Inc.

Get Well Centers                                Selected Talent                        River Run Pictures

Industrial Video                                  Replacement Talent                Comprehensive Media

Reading for Education (2X)                Principals                                Reading for Education


Durkan Carpets        Principal Talent        Fancy Rhino

Boost Mobile                                      Principal                                  180LA Productions

Barney – Search for the Voice            Principal Talent                      Barney & Friends

Honda Lawnmowers                           Principal Talent                      Thirty’s Film & Tape

Children’s /Adult’s Vocal &               Principal Talent                      Forefront Records

  Voice Over Project (Working Title: Mammoth Bios)

Sprint Furniture                                  Principal Talent                      Frank, Best, & Ingram

Charter Digital Cable                          Cast All Talent                       Frank, Best, & Ingram

CMT “We Love These Bars”             Principal Talent                      Cloudland Prod.

Gideons 3X                                         Principal                                  Comprehensive Media

CAPCO Corp.                                      Principal Talent                      Savage Marketing Adv.

Alpha-Graphics                                  Cast All Talent                       Lisa Foster Production

Missions – What A Field                   Cast All Talent                       David Estes Production

Buffalo Biff & Farley’s Raiders         Cast All Talent                       Creative License

Regina Moore                                       Principal                                  LifeSpring Resources

Yamaha Brand          Principals         Yamaha Entertainment Group

Great American Country Promo         Principals         Great American Country

ChristmasLand         Principal         Mountview Creative

Inspirational         Principals         Rare Bird

Coupons for Education Video         Principals         Coupons for Education

The Robertson Family –                    Selected Talent/Talent Coordination     Hi Fi Fuson

Duck The Halls

Rice Krispies Videos – Web              Principals                                 Studio Now/AOL

Drunk/Driving “Backseat”                Principals/Extras                   Rock Hard Films

Silk Soy Milk – Commercial/Web   Principal                                   Studio Now/AOL

Reading for Education Video            Principals                                Reading for Education

Glanbia Nutritionals                            Spokesperson                        ProVideo

MTV (2X)                                                     Cast All Talent                         Judy Venn & Associates

Reebok Print                                               Cast All Talent                         Fifth and Sunset Productions

Journeys Catalog Print                            Cast All Talent                         Lorel Marketing Group

Kmart Managers Corporation (2X)     Selected Talent/                       Kmart Corporation

Convention                                                Talent Coordination

Kmart Convention (2X)                          Selected Talent/                       Rubi’s

Holloween Fashion Show                     Talent Coordination

Disney (Print)                                           Cast All Talent                        Mark Tucker Photography

Pepsi Cola                                                  Selected Talent                        Top Agency

Vitamin Water Print Ad                         Principals                                 HG Producers, Inc.

w/ Carrie Underwood for Vanity Fair

General Electric                                        Selected Talent                        P B Talent Agency

Anheuser-Bush, Inc.                              Selected Talent                        Susan Lane Agency

Coors Beer                                                 Selected Talent                        Davis & Hamill Production

Keystone Beer                                           Selected Talent                        The Interger Group

Killian’s Beer                                            Selected Talent                        The Interger Group

Bridgestone/Firestone Tires                Cast All Talent                        Corporate Audio Visuals

Red Man Golden Blend                         Cast All Talent                        Buntin Agency

Oil of Olay                                                Selected Talent                        Proctor & Gamble

Lancôme Cosmetics                              Selected Talent                        Castner-Knott

Ruby Tuesday Restaurant– Print       Cast All Talent                        Mark Tucker Photography

Flintstone Vitamins Print                   Cast All Talent                        Mark Tucker Photographer

Olan Mills – Church Division Print   Cast All Talent/                    Olan Mills, Inc.


Lilly Pharmaceutical,                            Cast All Talent                       Mark Tucker Photography

Fibromyalgia – Print

AT&T Print                                              Cast All Talent                        Phillip Porcella Photographer

Razorama Convention                         Cast All Talent                        The August Jackson Co.

Brooks & Dunn Videos for Stage       Principals / Extras                Kosher Pixels, LLC

“Get Out of Town”

“Rock My World”

Political Polling/Issues For                 Cast All Talent                       Penczner Productions, Inc.


Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital           Cast All Talent                       Mark Tucker Photography

Print Ads and Billboards

Vanderbilt Hospital (2X)                    Cast All Talent                       Mark Tucker Photography

Bank of America (4X)                        Cast All Talent                       Mark Tucker Photography

Intermedia – Print                               Selected Talent                        Frank, Best and Ingram

Flameworthy Awards Show               Principals                                Tool of North America

w/ Host Dolly Parton

Disney                                                            Principals                                Viewpoint Creative

International Promotional                   Audience Coordinating           Picture Vision, Inc.

Day for Jessica Simpson

CMT Games Karaoke “Be A Star”    Performers / Singers                Country Music Television

CMT “Loaded”                                        Principals                                Country Music Television

CMT Fan Campaign Promo               Principals / Extras                   Country Music Television

CMT Bundling Campaign                  Principals                                Country Music Television

CMT In-house Promo.                        Principals                                Country Music Television

CMT On/Off Air Promo                    Principals                                Country Music Television

“Kenny Weekend”

Camp CMT                                            Principals                                Country Music Television

GAC                                                        Principals                                Great American Country

Pop Musical Group Search                Principals                                Showdown Prod.

CMT Music Binge Promo.                 Principals                                Country Music Television

2006 CMT Music Awards                 Principals & Extras                 Curious Pictures

Highway Men (CD Cover)                 Selected Talent                        Bill Hudson/Associates

Talent Search for Singers                    Cast All Talent                       Warner/Chappell

(German Record Label)

Mercy Ministries of Nashville               Cast All Talent                       Stephen Yake Production

Breakfast with Santa                                  Selected Talent                        Castner-Knott

Salvation Army (Live)                               Selected Talent                        Murphy & Kress

Eveda Hair Products                                Selected Talent                        Demith’s Salon

V-Chip Print/Packaging (2X)               Cast All Talent                       McGee, Best, Frank, & Ingram

Tennessee Repertory Theatre Print      Principal                                  McGee, Best, Frank, & Ingram

Clarksville Memorial Hospital Print  Selected Talent                        McGee, Best, Frank, & Ingram

Print For A Computer Company           Cast All Talent                       Mark Tucker Photography

Net World Booth/Trade Show            Cast All Talent                       MJM Creative Services, Inc.

Omega – Print                                        Cast All Talent                       Mark Tucker Photography

Magic Dip Demonstration                  Selected Talent                        Irwin Toy Limited

Reading for Education (2X)                Principals                                Reading for Education

Lifeway Student Strategy Video         Principals                                Smart Visual Communication

Faith Café                                                 Principals & Extras                 LifeSprings Resources

Live Santa For Salvation Army          Selected Talent                        Donna Summers Sadano

Christmas Celebration

Covenant Health (Print)                        Cast All Talent                       Rowland Production, Inc.

Theatre Opening                                      Consultant                              Atmosphere Pictures

Live – Convention Performance of     Cast All Talent                       Columbia / Tri-Star Home

New and Current Releases                                                                       Video

Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital            Cast All Talent                       Lewis Advertising

(Print) Fund Raising Brochure

BankcorpSouth Annual                         Selected All Talent                  McGee, Best, Frank, & Ingram


ADT Automotive–Corporate Video      Cast All Talent                       Joel Smith

Erlanger Hospital Print                          Cast All Talent                       Lewis Communications

Protection Insurance Co. Print (X2)   Selected All Talent                  Mark Tucker Photographer

Gateway Health System (Print)            Cast All Talent                       Frank, Best, & Ingram

American Legacy Foundation               Selected All Talent                  Strickman-Ripps, Inc.

Sunrise Technologies Print                    Cast All Talent                       Health Communications, Inc.

M, B, F, & I Jam                                         Selected Talent                        McGee, Best, Frank, & Ingram

“Chuck Wagon and the Wheels”-

Japanese Film Crew                               Cast All Talent                       Lyric Street Records

Charter Digital Cable                               Cast All Talent                       Frank, Best, & Ingram

Honda Brochure                                        Principals                                Frank, Best, & Ingram

Slice-Telephone Entertainment            Principals                                 Hootzenputer


C.C.A. In-House                                          Principals                                Joel Smith

SAP Kick-Off Audio Announcement     Principals                                SAP Kick-Off

Lifeway Student Strategy Video              Principals & Extras               Smart Visual Communication

Nexium         Extras         Bauerfeind Productions

Red Cap Brand Print         Principals         Dixon Photography

Coupons for Education         Principals         Coupons for Education

Oscar Mayer Lunchables                                     Principals                                Mergeleft Reps, Inc.

Journeys Catalog                                                    Principals                                Lorel Marketing Group

Prilosec                                                                     Principal                                  John Lair Studio

“Little House on the Prairie”                              Principals                                Mergeleft Reps, Inc.

Book Cover

“Little House on the Prairie”                             Principals                                Mark Tucker Photography

Series 2 Book Cover

Ruby Tuesday Restaurants                                Principals                                Mark Tucker Photography

Lilly Pharmaceutical, Fibromyalgia              Principal                                  Mark Tucker Photography

Kmart – National Campaign                           Principals                                Strickman-Ripps, Inc.

Bell South Print Ad – Super Hero                   Principals                                Mergeleft Reps, Inc.

Magazine Shoot                                                  Principals                                Russ Harrington Photography

State Farm Insurance                                        Principals                                Mark Tucker Photography

Grand Furniture                                                  Principals                                Revolution Pictures

Small Business Owners/                                  Principals                                Red House Prod.

Confidence Stock Photo

Jan Karen Book Cover                                     Principals                                Mark Tucker Photography

Reading for Education                                     Principals                                Reading for Education

“Prairie Winds”:  Neil Young                               Audience Coord.                                  Paramount Films

Norah Jones and                                                    Audience, Coord.                                 Blue Note Records

The Handsome Band

with Special Guests

CMT “Outlaws” Concert                                       Audience, Coord.                                  Country Music Television

Dixie Stampede Dinner Attraction                   Principal Talent                                    Dollywood Productions

(3X)                                                                                                                                             Robert Keith, Prod. & Dir.

Dixie Chicks Half-Time Show                          Personality/ Cast All Talent               Gaylord Digital

MusicCountry/ News Host

Premier of Showhouse                                        Cast Talent                                              Landy Gardner Interiors

Jean Harlow look-a-like

Storybook Tree, The Nashville                          Principal Talent                                    Cory Productions


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