Letters from Workshop Attendees

Scarlett Martin
I also wanted to thank you for the work you have done with Mitchell, especially your wonderful summer camps. If it weren’t for you and your camp we would not be in LA right now, and Mitchell wouldn’t have an audition for the producers (call back) with a TV show tomorrow!!! We’ve only been here 10 days, so obviously there is a huge element of luck in this as well, but if he hadn’t had training with folks who know their stuff like you, the luck wouldn’t get him a call back.
Allen O. Battle III
I am very glad that I came to your Advanced Master’s Audition Workshop. While I wish that my primary coach (Lisa Lax) still had time to do classes, I felt right at home with Regina’s stellar acting skills, her acutely tuned eyes and ears, her personalized directorial style, and last but not least her warmth and love of people. Regina won’t tell someone that they can be the next Streep if she doesn’t believe it, but she does whatever she can to keep an actor from getting discouraged (I think she was about to buy one actor dinner). Regina can work simultaneously with actors of various skill and experience levels (not everyone can) and still help everyone improve. Anyone who attends a Regina Moore workshop and says that they didn’t learn anything probably wasn’t paying attention. I hope to be able to come play (and work) with her the next time she makes the time.
Joy Pervis Hot Shot Kids/Teens<br /> Agent from Atlanta, Georgia

Regina and her staff are knowledgeable and give first-hand advice and instruction from a Casting Director’s point of view.

I highly recommend Moore Casting!

Greg Sterling
I was a student in your last master audition class and I would just like to say thank you. If knowledge is power then your class should be on the top of every new aspiring acter’s list. Your experience and insight you shared has already raised my professionalism and understanding of the T.V. and Film industry. I will take the class again some time since no one could possibly absorb all the tips and information you gave us in one day.
Marley Jacobs
I just wanted to thank you for a wonderful workshop this past Sunday. I was greeted with a professional, yet warm atmosphere from the moment I walked through the door. You definitely know the ins and outs of the entertainment business and graciously share your knowledge through these fun and informative classes. I was especially impressed with the fact that after the class was over, you took the time to talk with each individual who had a question or wanted to give you a headshot. I wish this industry had more people like you in it! Again, thank you for passing along your valuable information to us up and coming actors and artists.
Trine M. Mitchell
As I am becoming more involved in the business, I appreciate how valuable your workshops are. You pass on valuable information in a feel-good, don’t-be- afraid atmosphere, and I now appreciate just how huge that is. Your non-intimidating style of teaching, with making people feel equal and good about what they’re doing, is a true gift. That very style has gone a long way with me, as I’m sure many others. When things get unfamiliar and scary, I reflect back on your easy-going attitude and it helps me stay focused.

I have no doubt that many actors who have taken your workshops feel the same. Thank you for the opportunity to learn from you.

Sarah Huffman
Thank you so much for taking your Saturday to teach the audition workshop for Alan’s protégés. Your willingness to share your experience and expertise with those of us pursuing acting is a true gift. With all of this new knowledge, I know that I will be able to audition with more confidence and present myself professionally as well as creatively to decision makers in the film industry. I appreciate your kind yet no-nonsense approach to coaching. Your criticism and encouragement were a big help to me. And I had a great time!  I hope to read for you again in the near future.  Thank you.
Shauna Nicholls Morning Vision Management
Misty and I really enjoyed your workshop last Saturday. As a manager I found much of it very interesting. It is very helpful to know what is expected in all areas of the entertainment industry and not just the music end of it. Misty is interested in taking you masters class that you said might be offered in July. Please let me know the date on that so that she can attend. Thanks again!
Shelley Cammilleri
I didn’t really get a chance to  say thank you for the information that was taught in the January 15th workshop. What a great class! I knew you were in a hurry after class to get somewhere and everybody was trying to speak with you so I left without saying thanks. However, I would like to share with you my gratitude. As you know in this line of work most of the people you meet are not as genuine as you would hope them to be but I must say you have kept it real. You really have a way of opening up people and by your warmth, you help them relax. This can only be a win/win. After leaving your class I felt I could walk into an audition without blinders on. Thanks for the knowledge that you have shared and I hope to see you at another workshop soon. You’re a gem!!!
Julie Ferrell
I would like to thank you for holding your workshop recently at Alan Dysert’s studio. I learned some valuable new information. I also had a tremendous amount of fun. Actors are often scared of casting directors. I have to admit that the times when I have auditioned for you, I was a bit scared and nervous. However, after taking your workshop I learned that I do not have to be so scared and nervous around casting directors, especially you. You made everyone feel relaxed. I am submitting two current headshots and resumes for your consideration. Thank you again for the workshop and your time.
Eric Berner
Thank you for your willingness and time in teaching us about your casting business. I found tremendous value in hearing your perspective in the casting process. Like I mentioned in the class, you talked about everything that I have wanted to ask. The setting was very comfortable and FUN!! I really got a lot from you.