Regina Moore

Regina Moore is an entertainment industry professional with over 30 years of principal casting experience. She has offices in Atlanta, Cincinnati, Louisville, and Nashville. She is built her career specializing in finding the best talent required for a specific role. She is in tune to the local talent pool yet reaches to the larger markets to fill the productions’ vision for a project. Regina is a proud member of Casting Society of America (CSA).

She has had the privilege of casting well over 25 films, 100+ television credits, music videos, and commercials. When Regina is not casting or producing, she is teaching and mentoring emerging talent through her workshops. As a trained actor and coach, she has a special eye for talent and knows how to bring the best out of an actor in the audition process. Teaching has always been a passion for Regina. Her workshop presentation offers actors valuable insight about the entertainment industry – yet another extension of her commitment to acting community.

Regina has held positions as a casting director, acting coach, and talent producer. As a casting director Regina works tirelessly on studio and independent features with credits that include The Green Mile, Into the Wild, The Song, Sweet Sweet Summertime, Run the Race, and Indivisible to name only a few.

She is currently working with Executives at Country Music Television, Billy Ray Cyrus at Average Joes, Kristofer McNeeley at MarVista Entertainment in casting several new productions. Her actor-friendly philosophy has earned her high praise from actors and colleagues alike.

Regina Moore grew up in Nashville, Tennessee. At age 18 she began working as a model in local runway, print, and commercials with aspirations of becoming an actress. She was working as an actress when a local producer, who had hired her on numerous projects as talent, asked her to work behind the scenes, casting talent. That began the transition she so easy made understanding the actor’s side of the camera. Due to her creative nature, it wasn’t long before Regina was working in various areas of production. Regina serves as a voice on Film/Television related boards and organizations working to bring more projects to Tennessee and southeastern region. She has made strong connections to Hollywood and regularly collaborates with casting director; Krisha Bullock at Nickelodeon and Beverly Holloway, who encouraged her by referring her to other producers and directors when traveling to the southeast.

Regina Moore is a respected entertainment industry professional and looks forward to making films that change lives and make a difference at home and around the world.

Here is what people are saying about Regina Moore:

Rosemary Welden Casting
Working with Regina Moore made my life on location a breeze!!! I had top professional information and technology at my fingertips and their staff are the friendliest people in town. Regina knows everyone and within a day so did I. They shared their knowledge and experience of the area and the talent with me and made a potentially difficult project easy and fun to cast. This casting service is L.A. professionalism mixed with Nashville hospitality!
Mari Lyn Henry, Former ABC Casting Exec. NY, NY
Mari Lyn Henry, Former ABC Casting Exec. NY, NY Co-author of How To Be A Working Actor
A sure-fire winner for all your talent needs. Regina has expertise, experience and she is a hands-on professional talent scout. I have a great respect for her.
Nina Corbett
Nina Corbett Casting Producer, FOX Network
Moore Casting provided me with an array of talent in the southeast region. Particularly finding people, in Nashville and Atlanta with great personalities, to choose from for casting of Fox-TVs Temptation Island. Moore Casting was on hand day and night helping me in my quest for the perfect candidates. Regina Moore and her team made my casting experience a memorable one.
Stephanie Reeves Hootzenputer
Moore Casting has never failed to get what the clients want and need. They go beyond the call of duty. Love working with them.
Chuck Strader Strader Films
I recently told a new client that Regina knows the southeastern area talent better than anyone. ON that same project, she proved very resourceful by pulling quality actors from Atlanta, Alabama, and beyond. Moore Casting is very professional, and always makes our job easier.
Tom Forrest
Tom Forrest Taillight TV
It is awesome to work with a company that gets as invested as you are in your own show. When you work with Regina she will do anything in her power to make sure you get what you need for the showday or night. And on top of it all with a smile.
Judy Meyers Think Huge Productions
Always our first call! Always gives us the broadest range of talent for our productions.
Joel Smith Comprehensive
Comprehensive Media has used Moore Casting since 1996 for one reason, convenience. I don’t have to deal with agencies or talent and all that entails. I just make one call to Moore Casting and they take care of the rest. What more could one ask?!
NBC's T.V. Show 'Endurance 4'
If you ever need someone in Nashville to get you the goods, look no further then Regina and her great team at Moore Casting. Working with Moore Casting has been a pleasure. I couldn’t have asked for anything “Moore” then what Regina and her team did for us. Thanks again.